4000 Plyseal®-V

Vinyl Reinforced Insulating Mastic

4000 Plyseal®-V is an insulating mastic reinforced with a premium vinyl backing. This solution provides the superior adhesion and dielectric strength required to seal and insulate electrical connections from buried, submerged or overhead cables up to 1 kV. 

Its vinyl backing adds mechanical strength and makes it UV resistant.  4000 Plyseal®-V adheres quickly and permanently to the application surface and will not adversely affect the insulation or the conductive polymer shielding. 

Recommended applications:

  • Electrical insulation of direct buried, submerged or overhead cables and splices up to 1 kV
  • Mechanical and UV protection against abrasion and sunlight
  • Coverage of molded joints on CN cables


  • Jacketing Repair
  • UV Resistance
  • Under-Water Use
  • Water & moisture protection
  • Contractor / Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Telecom
  • OEM
Operating temperature:
  • Continuous: 90ºC (194ºF)
  • Overload: 130ºC (266ºF)
Performance Level:
  • Professional Grade
Tack Level:
  • Good Tack