About Us

At PLYMOUTH RUBBER GROUP we develop, manufacture and commercialize adhesive tapes and solutions for electrical insulation.

Our long experience in the industry allows us technologically one of the more prominent companies in the global industry of electrical tape, highlighting vinyl tapes, rubber tapes, mastics, and other large number of complementary tapes for the professionals and markets where we have presence.

Known worldwide, Plymouth tapes are distributed through our factory in Spain and our warehouse in the US to over 75 countries, getting to thousands of customers and millions of users. Electrical distribution, industry, telcom, mining,… there is a huge variety of sectors for whose needs we have developed a specific product portfolio

Every day, our professional team keeps enriching their technical capacities to complement their wide experience in application of our products. Our mission is to advise each of our clients regarding their needs and make sure they get the best possible result when using our tapes tapes .

We work hard every day with continued product innovation and adaptation to new markets to live up to our company history and to the customers that made it possible.

Plymouth tapes are distributed from our Headquarters in Spain and our Sales Office in Boston to more than 75 countries.