Special Purpose


A 20 mil (0,51mm) triangular cross-section, self-amalgamating, silicone rubber tape used for jacketing high voltage terminations on solid dielectric cable through 69kV. 20 Plysil is track and erosion resistant and can be used as primary insulation for high temperature (180°C) applications. ASTM-D-2148, MIL-I-46852A.


61 and 61A Varnished DacronGlass Tapes are a fine weave of Dacron and fiber glass threads, impregnated with a fully cured polyester coating which provides excellent electrical and mechanical protection. The tapes are intended for use to 155°C and have good flexibility to allow tight taping of irregular shapes. Available without adhesive (61-7mils[18mm]) and with adhesive (61A - 8mils [20mm]).


PlyCap is our latest development in our cold shrink product line. Easy and fast to install with no need for additional tooling. Provide a water tight and chemical and oil resistance to a range of cables.

Recommended uses: Water tight and oil resistant sealing of abandoned cables ends. Excellent moisture and water seal, abrasion resistance, Ozone Resistant, Chemical and oil resistant. No heat required to apply; Cable end seal for all cables.


Plyprep is an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning kit for the proper preparation of both high and low voltage cables prior to splicing or terminating. Very effective for removing grease, oil, tar, and other contaminants from cables.

Kits have everything necessary to prepare cables for a splice or termination. Each kit contains three sealed wipe sets and one 120 grit non-conducting abrasive cloth.


A 7 mil (0,18mm) woven glass fabric tape with a thermosetting rubber based, pressure sensitive adhesive used for insulating and protecting high temperature (130°C) connections, such as motor leads and transformer windings.

77 Plyglas has high tensile strength for splice reinforcement and provides excellent tear and abrasion resistance. Use 77 Plyglas to hold down 53 Plyarc arc- and fire-proofing tape. Comm. Spec. 7611, ASTM-D-2754, MIL-I- 15126F/GFT.


A 30 mil (0,76mm) selfamalgamating neoprene tape specially formulated for permanent protection of cables exposed to oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons. 44 Neoprene is chemical, weather, and flame resistant. Use for corrosion protection on lead splicing sleeves..


A 30 mil (0,76mm) elastomeric tape that provides excellent flame and arc protection for all types of cables. When exposed to flame, 53 Plyarc will generate a thermally insulating residue for cable protection. Use on cable conduit where added fire protection is required. Excellent flexibility and conformability for easy application. Available in grey.


An anti-tracking, skirted (outdoor only) silicone rubber termination for tape shielded, wire shielded, JCN and Unishield® cables. Universal kit design fits all extruded dielectric cables. Outdoor models feature unique pull-over tabs for fast and easy installation and superior insulating qualities.

Design range covers 5-8kV (3/0 AWG to over 1000kCMIL), 15kV (2 AWG to 5000kCMIL), 25-28kV (2/0 AWG to 1250kCMIL) and 35kV (1/0 AWG to 1000KCMIL). Meets IEEE Standard No. 48, Class 1. Note: kits do not include terminal lugs.