Special Products


A tinned copper mesh-knit shielding with exceptional conformability for replacing metallic shield in shielded cable repair. The two-inch width allows for quicker application and a larger overlap for increased safety in flexible cables.


Plyprep is an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning kit for the proper preparation of both high and low voltage cables prior to splicing or terminating. Very effective for removing grease, oil, tar, and other contaminants from cables.

Kits have everything necessary to prepare cables for a splice or termination. Each kit contains three sealed wipe sets and one 120 grit non-conducting abrasive cloth.


A 30 mil (0,76mm) EPR selfamalgamating, conducting tape for shielding high voltage splices and terminations. Use for rebuilding strand shield and insulation shields on high voltage splices and for shielding all types of connections. ASTM-D-4388.


Increase production while reducing violations.
- Accommodates cable sizes from 1/4” to 3 1/2” (OD)
- Cable remains in set position when cutting and tapering resulting in decreased injuries
- One person operation
- Precision cable tension for more accurate connections - Creates more compact installation
- Made of quality aluminum for greater strength and decreased weight
- Steel adjustments for durability and longevity
- All brass bushings