Consists of one soft, uncured layer bonded to a cured, abrasion-resistant layer. Unique separator allows controlled removal at the user’s discretion. An air-tight, water-proof, gas-tight seal is formed when the uncured layer is bonded to itself.

The industry standard for temporary splice coverings on communication and control cables. Maintains gas pressure in pressurized cable. Communications Industry Specification 7144.


Non-adhesive, self-bonding communications tape used for critical sealing and re-jacketing. One layer of uncured compound permanently fused to an abrasion-resistant layer of cured rubber. Easy-tear separator. Controlled unwind.

Full or half-lapped, a strong bond develops between both plies to maintain gas pressure in pressurized cables. Communications Industry DR Specifications TL-192 and 6863.

150 ASTM ®

A 30 mil (0,76 mm) self-amalgamating, low voltage rubber tape that can be used for insulating cable splices through 2kV, in conjunction with a jacketing tape. Compatible with low and high density polyethylene and polypropylene PIC cables plus all rubber and PVC cable elements.

150 ASTM conforms easily and self-amalgamates into a homogenous, void-free mass to provide an effective moisture seal. ASTM-D-4388, Communications Industry Specification 6746.