There are several categories of our tapes PVC and RUBBER, for Mining use, Telecommunications, Electrical and Industrial Tapes.
Within the field of electricity, our tapes are intended for insulation of low, medium and high voltage electrical cables from water, dust and corrosion.
There is a wide variety of electrical tapes based on their use or technical characteristics:
They are PVC, Insulation, Friction, High Voltage, Low Voltage, and Putty Insulators … All are produced in response to the UL & CE standards, today we highlight the characteristics and properties of two products:
Vinyl Mystic and 4000 Plyseal.
4000 Plyseal4000plyseal
This insulating mastic with a reinforced layer of vinyl (PVC) and with superior adhesion qualities, is ideal for insulating and sealing all kinds of overhead power connection, either buried cables up to 1000 volts and for sealing pipes and terminations cables. It provides resistance to ozone, water, oil and chemicals. Available in rolls, pads and individual strips. By its technical characteristics it adheres quickly and permanently, and is resistant to moisture, so they can be buried or even dipping ensuring a tight insulation.


Self-amalgamating tape with a stand vinyl that can be used for insulation and sealing of electrical connections to 600V. These smaller rolls can be stretched and molded around irregular shapes even in very tight spaces. It offers excellent electrical properties, superior adhesion, resistance to moisture and chemicals. Vinyl support adds UV protection. Connections used for insulation low voltage overhead or underground, motor connections and cable and wire repaired.It is ideal for splicing and sealing applications in telecommunications, CATV and electrical industries.
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