Graffiti art made without spray

Today we want to talk about a particular ARTIST TAPE, who discovered the use of the tape to express their art by accident.
Buff Diss is a Melbourne street artist who creates beautiful graffiti not using paint or sprays, but with adhesive tapes. By not using paint, his works are temporary, he don´t destroy the environment or private property. This has allowed him to create art in public places without fear of the authorities.
Buff has always had a preference for geometric shapes and linearity, so this material fits perfectly into his creativity. In fact, he discovered these features in the tapes by accident .. one day using the tape as a tool, he realized that the lines of the tape were drawings themselves, so he could completely give up painting and starting a new phase with this new material. This happened in 2005, and since then the tape has become the main tool to express themselves.
“I tend not to sketch unless there’s a specific image to re-create, and even then I prefer to work from a photo,” he said to in an interview “I should sketch more, but I enjoy the directness in finding a space and responding to it without a piece in mind.”
Regarding the perishability of his art, Buff confesses that his pieces can actually stay on the surface for years if the weather action don´t reach the material. For example, on the inside of a glass, the material is permanent, however, many other exterior surfaces material may be gone the next day.
buff diss 01
There are many artists who use tapes to make art,  and we will try to talk about all of them … We love this tool as useful and practical for many areas or situations, but what we like most is tapes for creating beautiful things.