Tape Art.

The TAPE ART apeares with a group of spontaneous artists who”painted” the grands in USA in 1989. However this artistic activity does not take strength and spread around the world transforming all kinds of spaces, whether public and private, until 1993.
In Spain arrives in 2011 to Valencia, where the TAV (Tape Art Valencia) group is created. Its creators, an illustrator, an architect and a publicist, create all kinds of interventions, with the particularity that all are ephemeral.
One of its creators explains the characteristics of this artistic movement with this words: “Its essence is an ephemeral, simple, very colorful and virtually limitless art. The tape artists are creative and innovative, and each new work presented is a different challenge, a provocation in size, colors and materials and of course the design itself “.

A fleeting Street Art

There have been numerous techniques to create street works, and now what was previously done with spray or brush is also made with this new instrument: THE TAPE. Unlike her sisters techniques, the particularity of this new art is that becomes something instantaneous and ephemeral.
For these artists, the work varies greatly depending mainly on the space where they will perform. Everything changes depending on whether you will develop indoors or outdoors, and also the surface where will placed the tapes.

tape-art-escaparate tape-art-exterior

Over time, the Tape Arte has given way to another kind of art, colloquially known as “Washi Tape”, other tapes made with paper, of many colors, shapes and drawings, which are well used for craft up as a decorative element on all types of surfaces. Two types of art that actually run in parallel; while Washi Tape is used in the decoration of small items, the Tape Art however, are large-scale works that takes a long time for execution.
Despite this fleeting characteristic of Tape Arte, thanks to new technologies and the video art, tape artists can perpetuate this artistic movement so it can endure over time.